Workshop smartphone photography /selfie-making

With a smartphone, you always have a fine camera on you, and you can capture moments as they occur. You could share them directly on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, for a family album or you company website. But just shooting a quick picture often results in mediocre quality, while so much more is possible with your smartphone. You just have to know how. With this workshop you will learn how to enhance your smartphone pictures. There is a lot more possible than you’d think. After a short theoretical introduction, you will practice your skills.

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Take the perfect photo!

During the workshop, the follow things can pop up:

  • The basic principles of photography with a smart phone: how do you make a good picture and what to focus on;
  • Applying composition, perspective and placement: how to bring out the best of someone or something;
  • Tips for creative smartphone photography: visualization, playing with light and focus, fuzzy backgrounds;
  • How to take sharp pictures;
  • Controlling and correcting light;
  • Zooming: when to do it, and when not;
  • Practicing your skills with immediate feedback

No prior knowledge of photography is needed. Participants should bring their own phone. In order to get the best experience, phones should be no older than 3,5 years. You will return home with some beautiful moments and more knowledge!


  • Enthusiastic guidance;
  • All necessary materials

To be expanded with:

  • Lunch or dinner at one a special location;
  • A combination program or workshop;

If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the options please contact us.

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