It seems easy as pie when the shepherd does it

A unique teambuilding and professional team training for your company outing. Herd your sheep through the set course. Verbal and non-verbal communication is of utmost importance during the herding workshop and will be your key to success!

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Keeping sheep together

Keeping sheep together. It seems easy as pie when the shepherd does it. But when it’s up to you, all the sheep seem to have different destinations in mind. This teambuilding activity is a good way to learn to communicate and function more effectively, but also to relax and have fun together. The workshop consists of various parts: an impressive demonstration, working with sheep in various challenging ways and working with dogs.

Through various metaphors, links will be placed with the ‘real life’ in terms of collaboration, communication, leadership, rolls within groups, passion and ambition. What contributes to an effective team? What makes a good and strong leader? How can you communicate clearly and effectively? How can you get someone willing to work for you? These are all questions that will come up during the workshop.

The workshop will be guided by an award winning professional, who championed the Netherlands, Europe and the World multiple times! Passionate about his work and the sport, he will tell you about the important collaboration between instructor and the dog. You will be inspired by the passion and ambition, that is guaranteed.

This unique workshop can, in consultation, be hosted at a location of choice.


  • A 1,5-hour workshop;
  • Enthusiastic and professional guidance;
  • All necessary equipment;

To be expanded with:

  • Lunch or dinner on location;
  • Combination with other workshops and/or activities;

If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the options please contact us.

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