Tabletgame Escape City

The city of Maastricht will form one big Escape Room, and the teams will have to escape the city quickly, because danger is on its way!

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Can you handle the thrill?

When the clock starts ticking, you will be taken to the 12th of May 1940. The German army invaded the Netherlands. Maastricht, too, is put under the control of the German regime. Make sure that you and your team escape the city, preferably alive.


This will not be as easy as it seems. The city is divided in different zones, all of which you will have to break through in order to escape the city. To help you, each team will receive a tablet, a map, and a suitcase with various attributes, and then the exciting riddle, puzzle and thinking game will begin. Nothing is what it seems, and the only question is: Will you be able to handle the pressure? How quickly will you bring yourselves to safety?


  • 3,5-hour lasting game;
  • Enthusiastic guidance;
  • All necessary game materials and attributes;
  • One tablet per team;
  • Three consumptions per person (beer, soda, wine, coffee/tea);
  • A prize for the winning team;
  • Organization fee.

To be expanded with:

  • Lunch or dinner in one of the cozy restaurants;
  • Actor in a fitting personality to be met along the way.

If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the options please contact us.

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