Laughing works

Laughing works, especially during a nice outing for your employees or as part of your group activities.

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A source of inspiration

Laughing helps against high blood pressure, stress, burn-out, fatigue and chronical pain. Throughout centuries, philosophers, medics and scientists have been researching and describing the positive effects of laughing. Humor, a humoristic look on life, laughing without reason, and even just a smile on your face will positively contribute to curing various ills and diseases. This workshop is an informal and fun method to get in touch with your inner child, enabling you to heal from within. With the steady pace and music, the laughter yoga will entertain you at all times!


  • 1/1,5-hour workshop;
  • Professional instructor;

To be expanded with:

  • Lunch or dinner on location;
  • Combination with other activities and/or workshops;
  • Combination with a meeting at an inspiring location;


If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the options please contact us.

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