Customized tablet game

The perfect company outing for everyone that would like to get to know Maastricht in a fun way. The group will be divided in teams, and each will set their own course with the help of a GPS-tracked tablet. Throughout the tour, the teams will be challenged with funny questions and exercises. All while seeing the most beautiful highlights of the city of Maastricht.

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Enjoy the best that
Maastricht has to offer!

Throughout the tour, we can book time for various stops for culinary and/or sportive activities. You could taste typical Limburgian ‘vlaai’ (flan) or take part in a tasting of Limburgian regional cuisine. Or would you rather enjoy a typical Maastricht beer with some Rommedoe local cheese? Your guests can also visit the special Dominican church or the violin maker of Andre Rieu. What do you think of a spectacular workshop during the tour; building bamboo or longbow archery in the city?

The tablet game can be completely customized, depending on your budget and wishes.


  • Enthusiastic guidance;
  • All necessary game materials and attributes;
  • Customized route and set-up;

To be expanded with:

  • Fun, sportive or culinary activities throughout the tour;
  • Lunch or dinner at one of our cozy restaurants

If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the options please contact us.

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