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Big custom orders are of a different order than our regular programs. We translate your corporate DNA in a custom made event: tiptop unique and cared for. Our event agency can take everything out of your busy hands. The concept, production, catering and all imaginable other parts. Even the registration of your guests, together with evaluations and thank you messages. All completely focused on the perception of your look & feel, mission and corporate values. For more information please visit

10 year jubilee “Vekoma Turning Your World Around” 

Well organized. Everything went smoothly from afternoon to night. It was a varied program for all ages with something for everyone. We’ve had a lot of positive reactions and the famous Rowwen Heze band was obviously the highlight of the evening!

Vekoma, the rollercoaster producer in the world, asked us to organize their 10th anniversary. The aim was to thank the staff for their efforts over the past 10 years, but also a great incentive to motivate their staff for the next 10 years! The management wanted not only a celebration for employees, but also for the partners and children. Overall, a family event for over 500 people. We used Kasteelhoeve De Grote Hegge in Thorn, an ideal location for a staff party. Segways, riverracing, walking on water, raptor shows, helicopter rides, fire shows and the famous Dutch band Rowwen heeze, were all part of the program. For the children, we arranged a special Wii cinema, an arts and crafts corner, clows, balloons and face painting.

For this event we built an online platform, where people could register together with printed invitations and a special Vekoma anniversary logo. Two weeks after the event, each employee received a USB stick with the photos of the event. THE USB stick in the shape of a key. The key to the FUTURE!



10 jarig jubileum Vekoma

Deutsche Telekom 

`Experience connection`

Connection is the main goal within the company ‘German Telecom’. A centralised theme, that needed to be the focus of a three day meeting experience of the Deutsche Telkom legal department. We chose Castle Vaalsbroek as the perfect location, where we stripped staffmembers of al connecting materials and gave them a simple map and a compass. We incorporated specific assignments on the route, testing staffmembers on working together, creativity, spatial awareness and thinking abilities. The different groups learned how important ‘connecting’ is, especially when connecting is not possible. Effective and also great fun!

‘We can look back at a very succesfull meeting experience, where our customized program, developed by Events Company, was the peak of our experience!


Deutsche Telekom

Liege and Maastricht, Brightlands (DSM) Corporate Finance & Economics

“A well-organized day with plenty of fun and variety. The guidance was fantastic. They played fast and flexible to unexpected situations and changed our program in such a manner that our program continued and nobody noticed anything. Very nice! ”

Brightlands corporate wanted to organise a special day for their 170 staffmembers. As DSM is an international company, crossing borders was the main focus point of the day. Events company combined the best of Maastricht and Liege. The morning was centralised around a speed dating session on a boat, travelling from Maastricht to Liege, where employees could exchange experiences on various issues at hand within DSM. After the speed dating session, there was an extensive warm “Captain’s Lunch” served on the upper deck, where everyone could enjoy the beautiful surroundings. In Liege the teams went to work with the team building activities that we had organised for them. An internationally oriented program in a beautiful city with the Guillemins station and the famous Liege stairs were ofcourse integrated. After some typical warm Liege waffles, our entertainer brought the group to an old theater in Maastricht for a musical “quiz night”. This musical program with questions and music fragments from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s proved to be a great succes for this international group. It was literally “a trip down memory lane”. Memories of the past came up and the dance floor quickly filled.

‘The mood of the night was great and we all went home with a feeling of satisfaction and a lot of memories from back home’.


Personeelsdag DSM